There are a number of positions at camp that require specific certification. We provide and pay for the majority of these certifications. It is important to note that certifications are not our standard criteria for hiring staff, nor do they ensure one’s capabilities. We want well trained, committed staff that are knowledgeable of their responsibilities.

CPR and First-Aid
Camp provides basic CPR and First-Aid through the American Red Cross prior to staff training free of charge. The CPR certification lasts 1 year while First-Aid lasts 3 years. This certification is required age group leaders and other designated staff. If you have these certifications before coming to camp, cards must be presented.

Lifeguard, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and Waterfront Module
Camp provides these three courses prior to staff training through StarGuard free of charge. The Lifeguard and Waterfront Module certifications last 3 years while CPR for the Professional Rescuer lasts 1 year. This certification is required for waterfront directors, select wilderness staff, and for other lifeguards who serve on the waterfront. If you serve as a camp lifeguard you are provided an extra $15/week. Water Safety Instructor is beneficial as well if you work on our waterfront. If you have these certifications before coming to camp, cards must be presented.

Additional Certifications
Depending on the area you work in, we may ask you to attend a certification course. These may include training in riflery, archery, horseback, and more. If deemed necessary for you to attend, camp will pay the fees associated with the course.