COVID Guidelines Weekend Camps 2021

We are thrilled to once again invite families onto our beautiful property for Family Camp, Mother Daughter and Father Son Camps!

As recommendations and guidelines are changing, we are making plans for a variety of safety measures for these weekends. Please be aware that these guidelines may change as updated information becomes available. As a camp operating in NC, the NCDHHS creates recommendations and requirements that have been used to create our guidelines below. Please check back here at any time to find the most up-to-date information from Camp.

We are planning the following COVID-mitigation strategies (updated 8/2/2021)

Before Camp

We ask all family members (both vaccinated and unvaccinated) to complete the 14 Day Monitoring Form during the 14 days leading up to camp. Using this form, temperatures and symptom checks should be taken daily for each family member attending camp. Any person showing COVID symptoms during the 14 days prior to Camp will be required to conduct a Rapid Test within the 48 hours prior to arrival. Results of this test should be turned in with your 14 Day Monitoring Form at check-in. (To clarify, a rapid test is ONLY required if someone is exhibiting covid symptoms within 2 weeks prior to arrival.)

Furthermore, any family member attending camp must be free of these symptoms for at least 24 hours prior to arrival: fever, persistent cough, recent loss of taste and smell.

Some of you may be wondering why our policy on PCR testing has been changed for our weekend camps. While PCR tests are the most reliable, they are taking a snap-shot of a person about 5 days prior to the test being taken. PCR tests also can take 3-5 days to process. This creates an 8-10 day window where quarantining and "limiting exposure" becomes critical. With students in school and parents at work, it is not realistic to require families to all quarantine or limit exposure prior to arrival. For this reason, we believe that the 14 Day Monitoring Form described above, with selective rapid testing, is the most accurate way for us to reduce the likelihood of Covid-19 entering camp.

Participants who have had a positive COVID exposure during the 14 days prior to Camp will be required to take a PCR COVID Test 5 days after the last known exposure date. The negative results of this PCR test must be in hand upon check-in to enter camp. (Please reach out to Camp for more information if this happens.)

Families that must cancel all or a portion of their camp due to Covid-19 will be issued a full or prorated refund.

Arrival Day

Please have your 14 Day Monitoring Form readily available as you pull to the front gate. If family members showed any symptoms listed on the form during the 14 days prior to camp, we will require a Rapid Test within the 48 hours prior to arrival. The results of a rapid test should be in hand for check-in upon arrival.All family members must be symptom-free for the 24 hours prior to arriving at camp. For specific symptoms, please refer to the 14 Day Monitoring Form.

Families must be fever-free (<100.4) upon arrival to come into camp.

During Camp

Great news, most of what we do is outside, the safest place to be these days!

In general, masks will not be worn outside! There are a few exceptions that include larger camp gatherings where we are in close proximity of one another, sitting, or singing for an extended period of time.

In general, masks will be worn inside. Wearing masks indoors is still a required guideline for all NC camps. There are a few exceptions. Masks will not be worn inside while eating, drinking, or anytime campers are inside their own cabins. Please note that at Father Son and Mother Daughter Camp, you will be sharing cabins with other families and masks will not be worn while in these cabins. If you are not comfortable sharing a cabin with others, we have a limited number of housing options at Ridgecrest Conference Center available at no additional fee. (This is an option only available for Mother Daughter and Father Son Camp.)

If an individual shows convincing COVID symptoms, we will require that individual to isolate right away and to perform a rapid covid test at a local pharmacy before interacting with other families. (The only time we will accept a Rapid COVID test is when the person being tested is exhibiting COVID symptoms.)

What if there is a positive diagnosis of COVID-19?

If a family member receives a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, we will ask that the family leaves camp within a few hours. We will provide prorated options for refunds or rollovers of tuition.

Other things to consider

Camp Ridgecrest and Camp Crestridge are both ACA accredited camps, operating

since 1929, with years of experience in mitigating the spread of infectious diseases.

Over the past 2 summers, Ridgecrest Camps hosted 2 week sessions of residential camping and 9 weeks of Family Getaways and has first-hand knowledge of how to operate a safe and exciting camp experience, even with COVID mitigation strategies in place. In collaboration with the American Camp Association, the North Carolina Youth Camp Association, and the Christian Camp and Conference Association, as well as many neighboring camps, we believe that our additional health and safety practices will not detract from an amazing summer experience. In short, families will still have an unforgettable weekend that you won't want to miss.

Some of our additional Health Guidelines will likely include the following:
  • Increased Hand Washing stations – after activities, before meals, and located outside most buildings.
  • Blue Light UV-C disinfecting lights and/or HEPPA Air Purifiers have been installed in all indoor conditioned spaces including the Infirmary, Lake Lodge, Swoll Shack, and Crafts Cave. These lights will disinfect these areas where less ventilation is available.
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures will be implemented across the camp facilities.
  • Staff and camper vaccinations will be strongly encouraged.
  • While these guidelines are not set in stone, they have been developed in consultation with the American Camp Association Field Guide for the Implementation of CDC Guidance and with reference to current state and health department requirements. As we communicate with other overnight camps, this Field Guide, which has been updated multiple times, is an excellent tool to prepare for a safe and fun camp experience.
We can’t wait for our weekend camps this fall. As always please feel free to email, call or chat with us online if you have any questions.