Nestled on the side of a mountain and in view of an abundance of mountain peaks, Camp Crestridge sits on an outstanding piece of private property stretching over 100 acres with miles of private trails and campsites. Our land borders the Pisgah National Forest, a land of mile-high peaks, cascading waterfalls, and heavily forested slopes. Built and established in 1955, our camp has continued to use the beauty of the land around us to help grow and nurture young girls into young women.


The waterfront is a staple of most girls' adventures here at camp! The lake is centrally located making it easy to find and enjoy!

Things to do on the lake: swimming area, a blob, a diving board, a floating dock, a slide from high in the trees into the water, a zip-line, Corcl boats, and plenty of adirondack chairs to sit, relax, and hang out with friends!


Our cabins are are built in the same simple, clean, rustic style that runs through camp. Each cabin is open air, meaning there is no air conditioning, but rather is designed for the mountain air to flow through. Alongside this, each cabin has two private full bathrooms. Cabins are big enough to house ten campers and two to three staff, yet small enough to facilitate and encourage a relationship building experience.


Recently renovated, everyday the dining hall sees over 600 girls come inside from playing hard to chow down on some camp favorites like "Chicken Tender Tuesday" and "Mini Corn Dogs". Each meal here at camp is eaten "family style" at their cabin's table, so no girl must wait in a buffet line to get her food! Instead, they get to come in, sit with their cabin, relax, and enjoy some good food!


Few people ever get to experience swimming in a luxury pool with their friends atop the Blue Ridge mountains with a view! Here at camp, girls get to do just that everyday! Features of our state-of-the-art pool are a diving board, water basketball, water volleyball, custom underwater lighting, and plentiful lounge chairs for those girls who just want to hang out by the pool! Our pool is always under watch by at least four highly trained lifeguards.