Ownership Update


Honoring legacy. Forging new trails.

We are thrilled that a group has been formed to come alongside our Camps and partner with us to ensure the future of this ministry.

This new non-profit, known as the Ridgecrest Foundation, will serve the ministries of Camp Crestridge, Camp Ridgecrest, and the Ridgecrest Conference Center. Their desire is to continue building on Ridgecrest's strong legacy and tradition and help our ministries be ready for wherever the Lord leads in the future.

In the coming days, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about this group and how you can support it. We couldn't be more excited and we are once again reminded of, and thankful for, God's goodness and faithfulness!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Message from The Ridgecrest Foundation

Official Press Release

Will the name still stay the same?
Yes! We will continue to operate as Ridgecrest Summer Camps, with both Camp Crestridge for Girls and Camp Ridgecrest for Boys.

Will my daughter recognize counselors and staff in 2021?

We have a large number of our 2019 staff already hired for 2021 and many of the staff who served at Family Getaways this past summer will also be returning!

Are we still a Christian camp?
Absolutely! The Ridgecrest Foundation has made it abundantly clear from Day 1 that their goal is to see our camps continue to shape girls and boys into young women and men of God.

Will the Camp leadership remain the same?
Yes! Our team of leadership and directors will remain exactly the same.

Who is the Ridgecrest Foundation?
Ridgecrest Foundation was started and supported by a group of parents, former campers and staffers, friends and others who believe in the mission and impact that the Ridgecrest Camps and Conference Center have on people.

Will the price of Camp tuition remain the same?
Yes. There will be no changes to the pricing or deposits you have already paid for 2021.

Will there be any changes?
Any transition involves some amount of change, and we continue to learn how COVID-19 will shape the world we live in, but (a) we don't expect any significant changes to the camper's experience as a result of new ownership, and (b) we're excited this transition could open up some new opportunities!

Will the camps and Conference Center still be affiliated?
Yes! You will still be able to make reservations to stay at the Ridgecrest Conference Center, and we still plan on taking campers over to Nibble Nook for ice cream!

Is Camp still a non-profit?
Yes. A new 501c3 non-profit, known as the Ridgecrest Foundation, has been formed. This non-profit will serve and steward the ministries of both the camps and conference center. In the coming days, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about that organization and how you can support it.

Can I now make a donation to Camp?
Yes, we will soon be able to receive donations and you will receive information about how to be involved in that way.

Will there continue to be weekend family camps?
Absolutely! We plan on having Mother Daughter Camp, Father Son Camp and Family Camp in 2021.