Summer Staff Members

AB Bowers

JETNew Staff

Anna Brooks has been a long time camper & SALT. She is excited to be a JET this summer!

What is one thing you can't live without?

One thing I can’t live with out is DIET COKE!

Would you rather run a marathon, bungee jump, or go scuba diving?

definitely scuba dive!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be & why?

I would live in New York because i love the big city and there is always some where to explore!

If you could travel back in time to any historical event, which one would it be?

the roaring 20s for sure!

What are you most excited for this summer?

I’m most excited to meet my campers and see them grow in their faith. i also cant wait to make so many new friends!

What are you praying for in anticipation of this summer?

I pray that girls come to camp with an open heart for Jesus. i pray they get to experience the love of god in such a unique place like camp. i pray that the campers make meaningful relationships that challenge them in their faith at camp and also once at home.