Summer Staff Members

Emily Andrews

Upper Crafts DirectorReturners

Emily has been a camper, a SALT, and a JET, but she's taking on a new challenge for summer 2021 as our Upper Crafts Director! She is excited to help inspire creativity within our campers all summer!

What is your favorite Crestridge tradition?

Campfire night! Making a fire to cook your food, being with your cabin and village, then the whole camp gathering together to end the night - so fun!

What is one movie you could watch over and over?

The newest Little Women movie - so good!! I could listen to the soundtrack all day!

Describe your ideal sandwich.

Nothing beats a warm ham and cheese croissant!

If your life was a movie, what would the title be?

whoop, there she goes again!

If you hosted a talk show, who would your first guest be?

Kate Middleton! She seems so genuine and kind!

What are you most excited about for summer 2021?

I love camp so much, and I cannot wait to be back this summer - I've missed it and everyone so much! I'm so excited to step into this new role, and I'm looking forward to what God will teach me and seeing how He will work in the lives of each camper and staffer. Camp is seriously one of the best places, and I'm so excited for everyone to be back this year!