Summer Staff Members

Emma Chapman

Assistant Program DirectorReturners

Emma Chapman has been a camper, a Bear Paw counselor, our Puppy Skill Director, and the Bear Paw Village Director! She is so happy to be back at camp this summer!

If you were a pasta shape, which would you be and why?

I think I would be shells because I am from Florida and I love the beach!!!

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?

Cage dive with Great White Sharks, Travel to all 50 states, Learn to ice skate well (like maybe be able to do a spin or something cool)

If animals could drive, which would be the best driver and why do you think this?

Australian Shepherds because they are crazy smart and very observant

What is your favorite Crestridge Tradition?

Christmas/Easter morning breakfast!!! There is something so festive and fun about pretending it's a holiday and having special yummy food!

What are you praying in anticipation for this summer?

I pray that campers and staff alike come to know and experience Jesus in a new way this summer! I pray that lifelong friendships are formed and more fun is had than ever before!!!