Summer Staff Members

Emmy Johnson

Assistant Program DirectorReturners

Emmy has been at camp for over half of her life and has served in many different roles (camper, JET, counselor, VD). This summer, she's taking on a new challenge as our APD and will work alongside Wimberly Lynch to make this summer the best!

What is your favorite Crestridge tradition?

The fiercest competition ever aka The Crestridge Cup

What is one movie you could watch over and over?

Hot Rod

Describe your ideal sandwich.

You start off with a trustworthy, homemade bread. Everyone decided to learn how to make their own bread during quarantine, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Get some good chopped chicken on there with some tasty mozzarella cheese on top. Add arugula. Toss on tomato slices. What’s that? A toaster? Boom, throw the sandwich full force into the toaster to be toasted. Badda bing badda boom. Sandwich.

If your life was a movie, what would the title be?

Pretending Your Life Is A Movie So Often That It Actually Becomes One: An Educational Memoir

If you hosted a talk show, who would your first guest be?

Wimberly Lynch

What are you most excited about for summer 2021?

I can't wait for our Campwide Activities. They're going to be the best!!