Summer Staff Members

Hannah Summerlin


This is Hannah's third summer on staff at Crestridge! Last summer, she served on Hawksbill staff and she is excited to be back for another great summer!

What is your favorite thing about camp?

The people! I love seeing people for the first time in a year and the excitement that brings, meeting new people, and building relationships. Other favorites include campfire night and singspiration.

If you had to spend a whole day in one spot at camp, where would it be?

Probably at the dining hall! I would get to enjoy the fun and excitement of meal times, the fun skills, and still get to see everyone even though I was there all day!

If you could have one song play every time you entered a room, what would it be?

Probably something Taylor Swift…maybe Love Story?

What is your favorite movie?

I’m bad at picking favorites, but some of my go-tos are Zootopia, Mulan, and Pride and Prejudice.

What are you most excited for this summer?

I’m most excited for the many conversations that I will have. Whether it is a simple “Hello,” or an hour long talk, I am excited for these interactions!

What are you praying for in anticipation of this summer?

My prayer is that the Lord will move in incredible ways this summer. Every year I step away from camp having learned something and I think that is true of most who have been to camp before. I pray that yet again He will work in the lives of campers and staff alike.