Summer Staff Members

Jane Ekstrand

CounselorNew Staff

Jane found out about camp from social media and loves the mission of camp! This will be her first summer serving on staff, and we are so excited to have her here!

What are you most excited about for summer 2021?

I am so excited to meet all the campers and staff and making amazing memories!! I am so so excited to see what God is going to do this summer!!

What could you give a 40 minute presentation over without preparing for it?

Clemson Football

Describe your ideal sandwich.

I'm gonna have to pick a classic PB&J (specially with grape jelly and peanut butter with lots of sugar in it)

If you hosted a talk show, who would your first guest be?

Sadie Robertson Huff- she has so much good wisdom!!

What Disney/Pixar character do you relate to most?

Anna from Frozen

If you could go to the Olympics for any sport, what would it be?

Do random dance parties count as a sport??