Summer Staff Members

Josie Landrum


Josie was a JET last summer & a long time camper! She cannot wait to spend another summer in her favorite place!

What is your favorite thing about camp?

My favorite thing about camp has to be the community. Being surrounded by women who encourage you, push you to be your best, and are just so fun to be around is unlike anything else! Also the weather is a close second!!!

If you had to spend a whole day in one spot at camp, where would it be?

If I had to spend a whole day in one spot at camp, it would 100% be the chairs by the lake. It's so fun to sit there, watch everyone walk by, feel the sunshine through the trees, and just hear all the sounds of camp!

If you could have one song play every time you entered a room, what would it be?

These Words by Natasha Bedingfield (Unwritten is runner up don't worry)

What is your favorite movie

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

What are you most excited for this summer?

I am most excited for cabin dance parties and singing in the dining hall!!

What are you praying for in anticipation of this summer?

I am praying that every girl that comes in Crestridge would learn how great God's love is and that they are able to carry this love home with them and throughout the rest of their life.