Summer Staff Members

Katie Bowers

Skills DirectorReturners

This will be Katie's 4th summer on staff! Katie has been a counselor for both the 7th and 9th-11th Grade Villages, and was a summer staffer for Family Getaway in 2020! Before coming to Crestridge, Katie spent several summers working at Camp Rainey Mountain.

What is your favorite Crestridge tradition?

Dinner songs FOR SURE! Who wouldn't want to stand on your chair and belt out some camp songs every night?!

What is one movie you could watch over & over?

Hannah Montana: The Movie. I personally think that it's a cinematic masterpiece. This is sort of a joke but also not really.

Describe your ideal sandwich.

I usually go with something simple like turkey and pepper jack cheese with some mayo and a few pickles. If I'm feelin' really fancy, I'll go to Publix for my sub because they're simply the best.

If your life was a movie, what would the title be?

Katie Bowers: The Movie

If you hosted a talk show, who would your first guest be?

I'm going to go with Kirby Smart, UGA's head football coach, so we could chat all about our love for Georgia football and the Dawgs!!!!

What are you most excited about for summer 2021?

So many things! I am so excited to hang out with campers & staff in skills, but even more excited to see how the Lord is going to change some hearts this summer! Camp is such a special place for so many of us and it will be SO GOOD to be back in 2021!